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    HeatMate Japanese Toaster Oven SET-G16A-K

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    HeatMate Japanese Toaster Oven SET-G16A-W

    HeatMate Japanese Toaster Oven SET-G16A-W

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There Is No Preheat Time with HeatMate Japanese Toaster Ovens

Experience a modern twist on traditional cooking. Our revolutionary graphite technology delivers instant heat and extremely fast meals. Top and bottom heating elements of HeatMate toaster ovens evenly distribute heat, bringing your meals to perfection in minutes. Reaching maximum output in a split second, your new graphite toaster oven heats 30% hotter than a typical toaster oven, providing an incredibly fast and efficient cooking solution.


Benefits of the HeatMate Toaster Ovens


Classical Retro Design

Vintage inspired look, dial operated, simple and easy to use.


Graphite heating technology.

Instant Heat

Toaster ovens reach maximum output in 0.2 seconds.

Cost Effective

No need to pre-heat as graphite technology provides more heat from less wattage.

Space Saver

Perfect countertop size toaster oven will fit four bread slices or 9" pizza.

Heat & Timer Settings

Set the timer from 1 to 15 minutes and the heat temperature from 200F to 550F.


A set of 4 non-stick trays is included with endless cooking possibilities.

Dishes Variety

A various range of cooking tasks from toasting, roasting, baking to broiling.
Slice Bread (9 in. Pizza)
Hi-TEMP. (Max)

Toasting, Roasting, Baking, Broiling

When using the grill rack, griddle pan, or flat pan, included with toaster ovens, you can complete a wide range of cooking tasks from toasting, roasting, baking, and broiling.

Grill Rack

Grill Rack

Healthy non-fried cooking. Good for battered chicken, meat or fish.


Griddle Pan

When grilling, a griddle pan can reduce needless food oil to make healthier food. The pan can also be used as a lid for the deep pan.


Flat Pan

The HeatMate toaster ovens come with a flat pan. Thanks to its depth, you can cook rice, boil, and steam food.

Equipped with graphite technology, these toaster ovens heat up in 0.2 seconds to deliver the quickest toasts during your busy mornings. Aside from toasting, the no pre-heat function can cook meals quickly, too.

A toast that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside for breakfast in no time! You can cook anything from desserts to main dishes using the included plates. A retro design and ease of use make these toaster ovens a must-have for any kitchen.

A stylish retro-round design of HeatMate toaster ovens will embellish your kitchen.

Like the blue frame, which has been loved for over 80 years, we believe pleasing aesthetics does not have to change. The HeatMate toaster ovens have the same design that you may become attached to.

High-Performance Graphite Technology


Why Graphite for Toaster Ovens?


Instant Heat

The graphite heater generates heat in 0.2 seconds. The heat up process is one of the fastest among other heaters.

High heat conduction

The thermal conductivity of graphite heaters is higher than that of gold, silver and copper and 10 times that of iron. This high thermal conductivity has a great effect on instantaneous heating.

High temperature

The radiant intensity of the graphite heater is very high and can rise up to about 2,372°F in a short time. Since it gets hot quickly, it can be convenient when used as a heater and a cooker.

Precise heat (directivity) / (emission)

Graphite heaters utilize a flat surface to emit heat. By using the optimum reflector, heat is concentrated in one direction and ideally warms foods.

Evenly cooked food

The graphite heater is built to evenly distribute heat in order to cook meals to perfection.

Food won't dry up

With wavelength emitted by Graphite heaters, food easily retains warmth and water on the inside while roasting on the surface.

Our toaster ovens can fit inside up to a 9-inch pizza or 4 slices of bread

Cook pizza in the toaster oven

This is a must-have for all your toasting needs because it can toast several things at once. Additionally, it can cook large dishes like a gratin, pizza, and other recipes.

The Secret for a Tasty Toast

(The thermostat has been controlled via an on-off switch.)

Cooking Tip No.1

Short time + high temperature “infrared graphite” generates heat in only 0.2 seconds. By cooking at a high temperature instantaneously, the bread becomes crispy only on the surface and still soft on the inside. A quick high temperature is a key to making delicious toast.

Cooking Tip No.2

Raising the grill rack.


Quick high temperature and adjustable grill rack are composers of outstanding merit


HeatMate grill


Regular grill

A wide range of dishes to cook with toaster ovens on the grill or with pans

Cooking french fries with the toaster oven grill

With the cover plate, the temperature within toaster ovens can go up to 330°C, and you can bake, boil, steam, or warm up any food. You can also cook healthy dishes without additional oil. Plus, with the cover plate on, the oil doesn’t splatter. The cover plate has the benefit of reducing the number of crumbs and odor inside the toaster oven.

HeatMate Toaster Ovens  Color & Dimensions



Heats up evenly with balanced heater design

Easy to clean by using stainless steel on the inside door.

4 slice toaster oven

You can choose your favorite grilling with a grill net that can rotate 180 degrees.

Removable crump tray

Easy to clean with bread crumbs tray.

The wiring is neat with a cord holder. By adopting an L-shaped plug, it can be installed neatly around the outlet.

The thick door of 1.2 inches makes it difficult for the temperature to escape to the outside. The temperature inside rises more efficiently.

You can now cook a variety of dishes with the included grill pan.

Toaster Ovens Specifications

Power supply

120V / 60Hz

Rated power

1600 W

Temp. control knob

210F - 550F (Stepless control)

Timer control

15 minutes timer (with signal sound)

Dimensions (approx.) external

W 14.2 x D 14 x H 9.8 (in.)

Dimensions (approx.) internal

W 12.2 x D 11.2 x H 3.5 (in.)


Approx. 4.8 kg / 10.6 lbs.

Length of power cord

1.2 m / 3.9 ft

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