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Napoleon Fruit Cake

Total Preparation Time: 25-30 minutes

This cake is airy, light, crisp, and yet slightly moist. Enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee. You’d think twice before going to the French Bakery from now on…

    • One pack of Puff Pastry (any brand, about $2.00)
    • One package of Instant Vanilla Pudding mix (about $1.00)
    • Fruits (any), and/or Nuts (optional)

Step One: Layers preparation

1. Unroll the puff pastry dough on the board;
2. Place the bottom tray of your Springform cake pan (8 or 9” diameter) over the dough and cut even circles. You should be able to make two circles from one roll of dough.
Make a ball from cut leftover pieces and roll the third circle about the same size as the other two, pressing on as light as possible to keep the fluffiness.

Sep Two: Baking

3. Place the first circle on the tray you used to cut the circle, punch dough evenly with the fork, and put it into the toaster oven for 7-8 minutes with about 330-340F. The puff pastry dough usually raises to about one inch high. Keep an eye on your layers, as time and temperature may need adjustment based on dough quality. Do not oil the tray!
4. Repeat for the other two layers.
5. You may have just three layers, or cut each horizontally in half with the bread knife to double the number of layers.

Step three: Cream/filling (For Best results – make cream while your first layer is baking and put in the fridge until all layers are ready)

6. Prepare Instant Vanilla Pudding as instructed on the package.

Step Four: Building Napoleon

7. Place the strongest layer on the cake serving plate;
8. Spread about 3 spoons of cream evenly on this first layer;
9. Place next layer, add cream and repeat for all layers;
10. Last layer: decorate with fruits you like, or you may cover with cream or just sprinkle with remaining crust crumbs, or nuts.

Fruit-Cake-Featured Image

By Luciel T:
Your Napoleon is ready!
For best taste – put for about an hour into the fridge before serving.

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