MiniPanel SP-160


  • Designed for personal comfortable warmth
  • Provides gentle heat
  • No hot surfaces
  • Overheat safety protection
  • Safer than any other space heater
  • Low electricity usage (only 150 watts)


Portable Flat Panel Electric Heater for Office Use

The MiniPanel SP-160 portable electric heater is just the right solution for providing gentle heat where the air is coldest, near the floor. Perfect to use under the desks and tables, MiniPanel SP-160 is user-friendly and energy-efficient. No messy wall mounting. You can stand MiniPanel SP-160 on any floor surface and use it anywhere there is an electrical source.

Product Specs

Ideal For

Under the desks and tables

Overheat Protection



150 Watts


21" x 1" x 15"


6 lbs.



Power Source/Voltage

120V / 60Hz / 1.3A

Safe and Sound

Engineered with safety in mind, heating a space for your children or pets is no concern. The internal thermostat automatically adjusts to deliver a steady comfortable radiating temperature.

Comfortably Quiet

Warmth radiates your space, without using fans to push dry, hot air around the room. Using MiniPanel SP-160, your eyes won't dry out and you won't suffer distractions from loud fans. Experience peaceful comfort.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 1 × 15 in


Operator’s Manual for MiniPanel SP-160

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