HeatMate SH-G420A(W) Tower Heater

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  • INSTANT FAST HEAT: Reaches maximum output in only 0. 2 seconds, heating any small space quickly
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Get more heat from less wattage with this electric heater
  • EFFICIENT: Heats the body faster, reducing the time of use
  • PORTABLE: Move heater easily from room to room; ideal for use in a bedroom, office, or any small indoor area
  • INNOVATIVE: First and only manufacturer of graphite heater
  • ENERGY RATING: AC 120V, 420 W, 60 Hz
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Instant Heat. Instant Gratification

SH-G420A(W) heater delivers maximum warmth in just 0.2 seconds. Pure enjoyment within your personal space awaits. Sleek, safe, quiet, radiant heat encompasses your body in no time at all. Experience the best and only graphite heating technology on the market.

Product Specs

Ideal For

Any Small Space


420 Watts

Heating Method

Radiant Graphite Technology

Heat Settings



12" x12" x 24"


4.85 lbs.



Automatic Safety Tip Over Shutoff




Power Source/Voltage

6.5 ft. long / 120V

Safe and Sound

Engineered with safety in mind, heating a space for your children or pets is no concern. HeatMate SH-G420A(W) automatically powers off once tipped over, immediately stopping heat output.

Comfortably Quiet

Warmth radiates your space, without using fans to push dry, hot air around the room. Using HeatMate SH-G420A(W), your eyes won't dry out and you won't suffer distractions from loud fans. Experience peaceful comfort.

Additional information

Weight 4.85 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 24 in


Operator’s Manual for HeatMate SH-G420A(W)

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