HeatMate Pop-Up Toaster SEP-G17US

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  • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY: Graphite heating technology
  • INSTANT HEAT: Reaches maximum output in a split second
  • COST EFFECTIVE: 30% faster toasting than a typical toaster
  • FUNCTIONS: Toast, Defrost, Reheat, Bagel (one-sided toasting)
  • HEAT SETTINGS: Seven toast settings


Instant Heat. Instant Toasts.

The stylish Sengoku HeatMate Graphite Pop-Up Toaster uses revolutionary graphite heating technology to toast, defrost, and reheat bread products. It saves time and is cost-effective because graphite heating is quick and efficient. It is a great option for individuals or families who need a quick and delicious meal prepared with no waiting to pre-heat. The pop-up toaster comes with handy tongs and dust cover. Removable front glass and a slide-out crumb tray ensure easy cleaning.

Our revolutionary graphite technology delivers instant heat. Front and back heating elements evenly distribute heat bringing your toasts to perfection in minutes. Reaching maximum output in a split of a second, your new graphite pop-up toaster delivers its maximum performance 30% faster than a typical toaster, providing an incredibly fast and efficient cooking solution.

Product Specs

Ideal For

Crispy outside and soft inside toasts


Toast, defrost, reheat, bagel (one-sided toasting)


Dust cover, tongs


Olive/brushed nickel


15.8" x 8.4" x 9.2"


7.5 lbs.


2 slices of toast at once

Heating Elements

Graphite - 1, Quartz - 2

Power Source

120 volts / 1670 watts

Easy to Clean

Pop-Up Toaster SEP-G17US Crumb Tray

Crumb Tray

Conveniently clean the crumb tray when bread pieces or crumbs are present.

Additional information

Weight 9.9 lbs
Dimensions 18.6 × 12.3 × 14 in


Operator’s Manual for HeatMate SEP-G17US

2 reviews for HeatMate Pop-Up Toaster SEP-G17US

  1. Samantha

    LOVE this toaster so much. The design is incredible & it cooks everything so fast!

  2. Gabriel

    If you buy this, it will be the most effective toaster you will have ever used. Through its glass front, it puts on a spectacle as it lights up instantly and browns toast evenly. It’s deceptively roomy too. Even our household’s British element expressed their awe, and Brits know toast. Japan: please send us more of your appliances.

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