HeatMate Japanese Toaster Oven SET-G16A-K

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  • REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY: Graphite heating technology
  • INSTANT HEAT: Reaches maximum output in a split second (no Preheat = time save)
  • COST EFFECTIVE: No need to pre-heat as graphite technology provides more heat from less wattage
  • SPACE SAVER: Perfect countertop size toaster oven will fit four bread slices or 9″ pizza (Retro Sleek Design)
  • HEAT & TIMER SETTINGS: Set the timer from 1 minute to 15 minutes and your heat from 200F to 550F


Instant Heat. Instant Eats

The stylish Sengoku HeatMate Graphite Grill & Toaster Oven uses revolutionary graphite heating technology to toast, grill, bake, roast, re-heat and keep food warm. Because graphite heating is quick and efficient to use it will not only save you time but is also cost effective. Great option for individuals or families on the go that need a quick and delicious meal without waiting to pre-heat an oven. The toaster comes with a handy grill rack, griddle pan, flat pan and toasting net accessories. Handy slide out as door opens rack provides easy access to flip or remove food items without having to use oven mitts to pull the rack out. There is a slide out crumb tray to remove droppings for easier cleaning.

Our revolutionary graphite technology delivers instant heat and extremely fast meals. Top and bottom heating elements evenly distribute heat bringing your meals to perfection in minutes. Reaching maximum output in a split of a second, your new graphite toaster oven heats 30% hotter than typical toaster ovens providing an incredibly fast and efficient cooking solution.

Product Specs

Ideal For

Quick, flavorful meals in minutes


Grill, bake, broil, roast, reheat, toast & more


Grill rack, griddle, bake/broil pan, toasting sheet




13.75" x 13.5" x 9"


10 lbs.


10 Liter / 4 slices of toast at once

Temperature Range

200 - 550 (F)

Power Source

120 volts/1600 watts

Easy to Clean


Set Contents

With this set you may prepate delicious meals and snacks within minutes: grill, toast, bake, roast, broil, reheat or keep it warm.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 13.75 × 13.5 × 9 in


Operator’s Manual for HeatMate SET-G16A

5 reviews for HeatMate Japanese Toaster Oven SET-G16A-K

  1. Rita G

    Such a great product. Game changer …. saves so much time and everything turns out delicious.

  2. Mike

    Bought this for my mom and I think she uses it every day. Easy clean-up and super simple to use. When cooking for just two people it’s much easier than firing up the oven.

  3. Craig

    It’s great! However I wish they would make a bigger one too (20″ wide and a little taller) and a wide slot toaster for bread

  4. Lisa

    It heats up incredibly fast and cooks quickly. I don’t need to wait for 15 mins to my oven to heat up anymore. I am so happy to have this for my busy morning.

  5. Brady

    Simple, but Perfect!!!
    My daughter(10years old), tried to heats up nuggets and pizza. it is super easy, just turn on, no need to any setting, like old style counter top oven, but when it is turn on, it is just wow. you have never seen this fast heater in the world. The taste is very good, it’s crespy and juicy!
    Now, my daugther is professional to cook with this oven. we are planning to purchase this heater for our room.

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