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Grandma’s Cabbage Mini Pies

Baking Time: 9 – 11 minutes

Derived from the last century! Your creativity with seasonings will bring a nice personal touch.

    • One pack of shredded cabbage
    • One package of Buttermilk Flaky Layers (or similar dough)
    • One or two boiled eggs
    • One tablespoon of vegetable oil
    • Salt, pepper, Optional: pinch of green onions, garlic, any spices you love

Step One: Stuffing preparation

1. Boil 2 eggs for 10 min, cool, peel and cut into small pieces
2. While eggs are boiling, put one tablespoon of Vegetable (Olive or Sunflower) oil on a warmed skillet.
3. Add cabbage to the skillet and simmer for 2-3 min. to soften the cabbage, sprinkle with salt, pepper to your taste, and after that put it in the mixing bowl/plate.
4. Add cut eggs and if you wish sprinkle with green onions, your spices and mix.

Sep Two: Dough

5. Split each biscuit from the package into 2 even round pieces to have thinner circle of dough, now you have 16 round pieces, instead of original 8.
6. Lay biscuit circles on a board/plate and place full teaspoon of cabbage mix in the middle of each circle.
7. Connect edges of each circle to completely close cabbage mix, even-out edges with fingers and place on the glass tray or foil with edges at the bottom.

Step three: Baking

8. I bake in a glass tray, mine 10” perfectly fits the toaster oven, or simply use foil.
9. Set Temperature half-way between 300 and 350 F and set timer for 5 min.
10. In 5 min open the oven toaster and flip each peace, set timer for another 4 min.
11. When timer is off (total 10 min) let it sit there for another min and your mini pies can be served.


By Sammy Gains:
Very easy, delicious and super-fast!
***Note: keep an eye on your pies while baking first time, as cooking time may vary depending on thickness of the dough. Adjust the temperature if needed.

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