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As we enter the new year, the time has come to welcome a new toaster oven into the kitchen. Upgrading the old heating coils with graphite heating technology, the HeatMate Japanese toaster is the perfect finishing touch on a century of kitchen innovation. If you are looking for the ideal toaster oven for the home, dorm room, break room, hotel room, or vacation cabin, you’ve found it.

 This toaster oven provides a sleek, retro, and space-effective design ideal for any countertop while heating to full power in just 0.2 seconds. Join us as we explore what makes the Japanese toaster a marvel in toaster oven technology and the perfect choice for any small cooking space.

The 1909 General Electric catalog listed a plain white D-12 toaster at $3 (about $54 in today’s money) and a decorated unit at $4 (about $72 today). The power cord cost an additional $1.50. Rated at 600 watts, the toaster could be purchased for a range of voltages–from 90 to 130. (Source: National Museum of American History)

Graphite Heating in Less than a Second

The most marvelous thing about the HeatMate Japanese toaster is the instant-heating capabilities introduced by the graphite heating technology. Graphite is a powerful conductor of heat and electricity, so when the elements are activated, they can reach the maximum desired heat without any delay.

The top graphite tube reaches the maximum temperature in 0.2 seconds and the highest available temperature (550°F) from any toaster oven on the market. This isn’t just a toaster; it’s a miniature oven with incredible capabilities.

Cook Anything in Just a Few Minutes

The capacity to heat instantly and intensely can make cooking for one or two people or creating dishes to share in small groups a breeze. With top and bottom graphite heating tubes, the toaster provides even and steady heat throughout the cooking process, and you can use precise temperature controls between 200 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The toaster oven is also equipped with a safety device to avoid overheating.

This means you can cook almost any dish in just a few minutes. First, there’s no need to wait for preheating because the toaster reaches its full heat instantly. Second, the capacity for high-intensity heat can shorten the cooking time for many different recipes. You can achieve crispy on the outside and juicy/soft on the inside for any recipe.

Toaster oven comes with multiple trays

Innovative No-Burn Tray System

Of course, the ingenious design doesn’t stop at the heating system. The HeatMate Japanese toaster comes with a stackable set of trays, including the mesh tray, roasting pan, griddle pan, flat pan, and toasting rack stacked together beautifully. You can prepare meals with baking, broiling, grilling, frying, and steaming cooking options to enjoy delicious dinner variety, including pizza, fish, and more.

But they also automatically come partway out of the toaster when the door is opened. This can drastically increase the convenience and safety of the Japanese toaster by making it easy to remove dishes of hot food without reaching into the super-heated toaster oven interior chamber.

Each non-stick tray is also designed to help you prepare the maximum capacity of delicious food in perfectly compatible pans while minimizing the number of dishes to do after supper. You can also use aluminum foil as a pan liner for a quick, easy-to-clean solution. Foil is even suggested for the perfect outcome for specific recipes such as steamed fish or a pristine pie crust.

The Ultimate Toaster Oven for Snacks and Sides

Making a quick snack or a last-minute side dish has never been easier with this stylish kitchen equipment and advanced toasting features. Toaster ovens have long been a favorite for these smaller cooking tasks. Whether you’re in a hurry or already working on a multi-course meal, popping something in the toaster oven can make a delicious smaller platter or serving of hot food – and now it takes no time. It also offers easy cleaning after cooking with a removable crumb tray.

The Japanese Toaster by HeatMate doesn’t require preheating, so you could be making garlic toast, baking a tray of cinnamon rolls, or quickly preparing your famous seven-layer dip with no time to waste.

Meals for One and Two

The rapid-heat toaster oven is large enough to toast four pieces of bread, a 9″ personal pizza, or larger quantities of food in the deeper pans. This makes it just right to prepare food for one or two people. Suppose you live alone or with a partner. In that case, throwing together a delicious hot meal without worrying about kitchen mess or leftovers is easy.

You might even find yourself making more meals in the toaster oven than you do on the stove. Set the knobs on the front for the right temperature and time, and then kick back until your delicious hot meal is prepared. You can make enough for yourself or prepare a romantic dinner to share with your special someone.

A college student is cooking a pizza using a space saver toaster oven.

The Perfect Dorm Room Appliance

Students living in the dorms are often limited to the food prep they can stash in the dorm. Until now, little microwaves have ruled the day – but not anymore. With the HeatMate Japanese toaster, college students can set up a fantastic mini-kitchen in the dorm room to make fresh, hot, and healthy daily meals. Cup noodles will be a thing of the past when students can easily make baked pasta, roasted chicken, and personal pizzas immediately.

When paired with a mini-fridge for fresh ingredients, a college student with a Japanese toaster could be the best-fed student on campus.

The Break Room Miracle

Long has there been a debate about how to enjoy a hot lunch at work? The Japanese toaster also offers an ideal solution for break room meals. Because it reaches a perfect heat instantly, multiple coworkers can heat up their lunch without delays. The Japanese toaster also takes up a relatively small countertop footprint, so most break rooms can easily accommodate the sleek and professional design.

Coworkers can more enjoyably share kitchen appliances, and everyone can enjoy a quickly heated meal in this powerful little toaster oven.

Discover the Japanese Toaster for Yourself

If you are curious about graphite heating and the instantly powerful capabilities of the HeatMate Japanese toaster ovens, discover their wonders for yourself.

An Asian family having breakfast with the use of a new a great new tech, the Japanese toaster.
As we enter the new year, the time has come to welcome a new Japanese toaster oven into the kitchen.

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