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Winter is a time of good cheer and time with family. It is when we all come together to share meals and to gather around warm hearths, telling stories or creating new ones to tell. Exchanging holiday gifts is a bright point in any winter celebration, and we take time to select the perfect gift for each family member. For children, gifts are often toys and games. But for adult relatives, the best gift is something that is both thoughtful and practical. Enter efficient space heaters.

For many, the best gifts you can give are efficient space heaters, the kind that both produce steady heat and use very little electricity. A space heater is a fantastic gift for any friend or relative who is often cold. They are perfect for winter holiday destinations that are difficult to heat, like a mountain cabin, vacation lodge, or ski resort condo. The drafty family ranch house where you all gather for Christmas or the little hunting cabin where dad and grandpa retreat to every year will benefit from efficient localized heat.

Gifting efficient space heaters allows you to share the warmth of affection and thoughtful gift-giving with a gift that your loved one will adore this winter and many winters in the future.

Why Efficient Space Heaters Make the Best Holiday Gifts

Space heaters share the warmth with a gift that keeps on giving. You probably know a friend, sibling, parent, or grandparent who is always cold, whose house is chilly despite turning on the heat in the winter, or who likes to spend time in cold places. Efficient space heaters radiate warmth, providing an energy-efficient solution that heats just one area of the house. It can keep your best friend cozy in bed, keep your mom comfortable in her home office, or ensure that your grandad is able to relax outdoors even when the winter chill sets in.

Space heaters make the best gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings but are not culturally specific. They are well suited for any gift-giving tradition during the cold months of the year, including Hanukkah or the Chinese New Year.

A space heater gift shows that you are thinking of your loved one’s comfort, habits, and surroundings when choosing a practical gift they can enjoy for many years.

The Innovative Value of Graphite Space Heaters

There are many types of space heaters to choose from, but the highest quality gift is a graphite space heater. These are energy-efficient space heaters that are also remarkably quiet. Graphite is an extremely good conductor of both electricity and heat, allowing for a low wattage space heater that makes little noise and isn’t a tax on home circuits or the power bill.

Graphite heating technology is brand new, and there aren’t many on the market. This exclusivity also makes your gift unique and special.

Three Practical Types of Efficient Space Heaters for Gift Giving

What model of efficient space heater makes the best gift? It depends on where you expect your loved one to need heating the most. There are three types of graphite space heaters to choose from: tower electric heaters, low wattage panel heaters, and electric patio heaters.

Efficient space heaters - Mom and her daughter are sitting on the kitchen floor next to the electric space heater.

A Tower Space Heater for Indoor Rooms

Tower space heaters are the most popular type of heater for indoor rooms. Low wattage heater design is particularly safe indoors and easy on your heating bill at only 420 Watts. A tower heater can radiate a surprising amount of heat and of course, can be adjusted with low/high heating settings. Towers are quiet space heaters that are free-standing in the middle of the room. They are best for:

  • Home Office
  • Family Room
  • Large Bedrooms

A home office or family room can become drafty in the winter. A tower heater makes it comfortable to relax and focus or socialize. It can also make a large bedroom cozy if placed at a comfortable distance from the bed.

Patio Heater for Outdoor Gatherings

Patio heaters are designed to be weatherproof outdoor electric heaters that can be placed and left outside safely. They radiate comfortable heat for outdoor gatherings or relaxation. There are two types of patio heaters: wall mounted electric patio heaters and patio heaters on stand. Either option allows you to put the heat where it is most wanted for:

  • Winter Barbecues
  • Winter Gardening
  • Outdoor Spa
  • Garage Workshops

Family gatherings like barbecues benefit from an outdoor heater, and so are winter gardens where the plants can be kept at a warmer ambient temperature. If your loved one has an outdoor spa or hot tub, they may also appreciate a space heater to make getting in and out more comfortable in cold weather. Mounted patio heaters are also ideal if there is a garage workshop that gets too cold in the winter for your loved one to enjoy their favorite hobbies.

Panel Heater for Emplaced Heat

panel heater is a unique and safe, quiet space heater. It is especially low-wattage with no exposed heating elements, making it safer in rooms where a space heater might normally be considered a risk. Panel heaters work wonderfully in:

  • Desk Heater
  • Small Bedrooms
  • Travel

Panel heaters are also ideal to place under desks, in a home office, or a hidden heating source at work. The heater is like a warm blanket at your feet and doesn’t burn if accidentally touched. Panel heaters are also great for small bedrooms, even children’s bedrooms, because they can heat a small area with no exposed heating elements. Some people even bring a panel space heater when they travel to stay cozy-warm in any hotel room or guest room during the winter.

Safety Features

What keeps these efficient space heaters safe? You can ensure your loved one has safely warmed because of three important safety features.

First, heating elements are carefully contained so that there is never a risk of undue heat exposure. Second, each heater has an automatic shut-off feature. Those that are free-standing will shut off if they are not standing firmly on flat, solid ground. Third, each heater has a thermostat control so that when the ambient heat reaches the desired temperature, the heater stops. This prevents overheating and maintains a comfortable living environment.

Who Would Most Enjoy a Space Heater Gift

  • Your Always-Cold Sister
    • We all know a relative with a naturally low body temperature is always cold in the winter. Efficient space heaters ward away the cold to help your sister or cousin stay cozy without overheating the house.
  • Expecting Mothers and Young Parents
    • Mothers, babies, and young children are more susceptible to the cold. A safe and quiet panel space heater is a wonderful nursery gift.
  • Your Winter Gardening Grandmother
    • You may have a grandma who loves to garden and doesn’t want to stop when the weather turns chilly.
  • Your Friend With the Drafty House or Home Office
    • Think of your friend whose house is always cold or whose office has cold drafts. They will appreciate localized heating to keep them cozy.
  • Your Indoor-Outdoor Craftsman
    • Perhaps your husband or dad who has a garage or out-building workshop can stay cozy while enjoying their hobbies outside the heated parts of the house.
  • Your Friend Who Loves to Travel
    • Your cool friend or stylish aunt who travels over the holidays on ski vacations or to a lakefront cabin over long weekend escapes may appreciate a space heater they can pack and take with them.

Sengoku Graphite Electric Heaters

Sengoku is the first and only maker of quiet, energy-efficient graphite space heaters. As pioneers of heating technology, they have innovated tower heaters, panel heaters, and patio heaters that can transform a space from chilly to comfortably warm in just a few minutes – without risking the home’s breakers or power bill. Each heater is efficient due to the revolutionary graphite technology used for heating elements, providing high output while using less wattage. 

Our heaters are comfortably quiet. Warmth radiates your space without making noise. Each heater has been engineered with safety in mind, ensuring a peaceful and secure warming experience, even if the heat lulls you softly to sleep. 

When shopping for gifts this holiday season, efficient space heaters can make the perfect gift for one or many of your friends and relatives. Explore our inventory and delight your loved ones with innovative low-power heat this winter.

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