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Graphite Tower Heaters

Patio Graphite Heaters

Panel Heaters

Portable Electric Heaters That Provide Instant and Gentle Heat

With over 65 years of experience, Sengoku has become a global leading manufacturer of alternative heating products. Everything that we design and develop is with a focus on continuing to exceed the industry’s quality standards and saving money for our customers. Our new and innovative electrical heaters are just the right solution for providing “gentle heat” for your feet and legs – where the air is coldest, near the floor.

Energy Efficient

High output using less wattage delivers an energy efficient heat source while reduced time in use supports lower operating costs.

Comfortably Quiet

Warmth radiates your space, without making noise. Our heaters are comfortably quiet.

Safe and Sound

Engineered with safety in mind, our heaters have a built-in shutoff system, as well as overheat thermostat functionality.