About the Company

Sengoku Works Ltd, is the oldest privately owned international manufacturing company with plants located in Kasai, Japan (near Osaka) and in Shenzhen, China (near Hong Kong). In 1982, over 400,000 kerosene heaters were manufactured by Sengoku for the United States market. The company has been the foremost supplier of kerosene heaters throughout the United States ever since. With three distribution centers located in Cleveland, Ohio; Kansas City, Missouri; and in Renton, Washington, Sengoku is strategically positioned to efficiently cover the US market needs.

Sengoku was founded in Japan in 1953. By 1970, the demand for Sengoku products reached a new high. From 1970 through 1974 Sengoku produced more than 1,000,000 crock-pots per year for Rival Manufacturing Co. in the US, while at the same time making large quantities of many other household electrical products for distribution and sale in Japan. In the late 1970's, Sengoku also produced electrical appliances for the well-known Hamilton Beach Company in the United States and household products for Sunbeam International Companies worldwide.

By 1990, other Japanese companies had established manufacturing plants throughout Southeast Asia. Keeping up with the changing trends, Sengoku established its own factory in Shenzhen, China in 1993.Due to the high quality and high performance of our products Sengoku is recognized as a leading OEM product supplier.

The Shenzhen factory is fully self-contained with its own power generating plant, an in-house plastic injection molding process, a powder coating paint line imported from Germany along with complete metal stamping and assembly capability.

Recent advances in technology, which change at a rapid pace, mark the social environment that surrounds us. Under these circumstances, Sengoku has created a system to supply products as promptly as possible without sacrificing quality by establishing a relationship of trust with our abundant personnel and our use of existing cutting edge technology.
In the spring of 2001, Sengoku was awarded ISO 9002 status. ISO is an international standards model for quality management and assurance. Having the best facilities and machinery would not have allowed us to reach excellent results without our skilled and talented staff.

We continue to exert efforts each and every day to quickly respond to customers' needs with Sengoku's exceptional people power network. Recently Sengoku invested in a new factory in Guangdong that will significantly increase capacity to manufacture more world-class products.

Our motto is - Build quality into the Manufacturing Process. By promoting manufacturing and development in Asia, Japan, Europe and the U.S., the company shares mutual accomplishments to create a synergistic effect. Sengoku continues to expand globally, providing high delivery speed and superior quality products.