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Over 65 Years of Revolutionary Technologies and Development

With over 65 years of experience, Sengoku has become a global leading manufacturer of alternative heating products. Everything that we design and develop is with a focus on continuing to exceed the industry’s quality standards and saving money for our customers.

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Mike LawrenceAmazon Customer, 05/10/2021

Wow! This Sengoku Toaster Oven (re: HeatMate SET-G16A(K)) is the easiest and most efficient toaster oven I have ever used. I finally have a toaster oven to enjoy. Do not hesitate to buy this product.

TomAmazon Customer, 04/21/2021

Energy efficient heater [re: MegaHeat MH-G420 A(N)] for smaller rooms. Attractive looking and easy to use. Would recommend.

Peggy K WardAmazon Customer, 03/20/2021

Well-made (re: KeroHeat CV23K(H)) and safe to use. I love the safety features, grill around the sides and top. It's a wonderful piece of equipment to have when the power goes out, especially in the winter.

PcSuttonAmazon Customer, 03/15/2021

Works great (re: KeroHeat CV23K(H)) for winter power outages. I ordered on a Tuesday, was told it would be delivered Friday...I got it Wednesday. I actually got a shipping notice about 10 minutes after I placed my order.

J. StrohAmazon Customer, 08/25/2020

Heats up quickly (re: Sengoku MegaHeat MH-G420A(N)) without having air blown on you. Never had a graphite heater before and just from the little time I have used it, I think I'm really going to make good use of it.

Aaron SilvermanAmazon Customer, 05/09/2020

Simple, but effective. The glass and graphite heating elements (Re: Sengoku SET-G16A(K) HeatMate Toaster Oven) perform just as advertised: When you fire 'em up, they reach full heat almost instantly.